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Cambugán Foundation wins Environmental Distinction in the 2016 “Sustainable Quito” contest.

Jun 12 2016

The Municipality of Quito organized the “Sustainable Quito” contest to publicly distinguish organizations showcasing the best environmental practices in a city seeking to reduce its environmental footprint. Cambugán Foundation participated in this contest with our Píntag Project called “Farm Agroecológica San Isidro”.  After extensive review, analysis and field verification of our project, we were informed in early June that we won the top honor for Environmental Distinction!  Additionally, Cambugán received five honorable mentions (sustainable mobility, good environmental practices, proper waste management, Natural Heritage Care and sustainable construction).

We want to highlight the great work of Daniela Montalvo, Project Coordinator, and her Pintag team for driving the environmental practices which are receiving such worthy recognition.

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