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Hotspots & Corridors

Cambugán lies within the Tropical Andean biodiversity hotspot which is defined as a region of exceptional endemic biodiversity that has lost at least 70 percent of its original habitat. The Tropical Andean hotspot is ranked as the #1 hotspot by the foremost biologists in the field. The hotspot has 45,000 plant species of which 20,000 are endemic to the area (or 6.7% of the world’s species).  Additionally, inside the hotspot live 3,389 vertebrate species of which 1,567 are endemic to the area (5.7% of world population).  Conservation International Biodiversity Hotspots Information Available at

Additionally, Cambugán is located within the borders of the Choco-Andean corridor which spans across the Tropical Andean and Choco-Darien hotspots and connects the Maquipucuna, Mindo, Pululahua and Paso Alto Reserves to the Cotacachi Cayapas Ecological Reserve.  The corridor has been a migratory path for many animal species such as the Andean spectacled bear and is essential to their long-term survival.  While the reserves at each end of the corridor are protected, the entire corridor itself is not and much of it has already been deforested and urgent action is needed to recover the path for these animals. Protecting the land within Cambugán brings us one step closer to conserving animal and plant life within this threatened area.

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