Bird on a Vine

Who We Are

The Cambugán Foundation was formed in 2000 to accomplish these goals:

  • Help preserve the original tropical forest remnants in Ecuador
  • Work with local communities and organizations in developing forest conservation and restoration programs
  • Promote green, sustainable development within and around tropical forest communities

Simply put, we are 100% focused on preserving the rainforests and cloud forests of Ecuador because they hold some of the most diverse plant and animal life on the planet and are under threat of deforestation.   Without conservation efforts, biologists predict that 15-37% of the animal species living in Ecuador will be extinct by 2050.

Our multi-level approach includes education, research and promoting conservation with local communities and making land purchases.

In 2000, the Foundation purchased its first areas of land inside the Watershed through donations from its members. In recent years, the Foundation has successively acquired several additional parcels of land to further protect and restore the natural forest.  The land is protected through ongoing efforts by our organization and the environmental groups formed by local communities.  In the coming years, in addition to directly purchasing land, the Foundation is also looking to support research and environmental educational centers in Cambugán as well as in other places in Ecuador where similar organizations are working on sustainable forest conservation.

Your donation will help us prevent this pristine habitat…

…from turning into this ransacked land.

We welcome any suggestions or recommendations that could help us meet the goals of the Cambugán Foundation to recover and conserve the highly endangered rainforest. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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