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The members and volunteers involved in the Cambugán Foundation include members from Ecuador, Sweden, Germany and the USA with widespread disciplines and knowledge.

Our Board of Directors

Margarita Chavez, President

Margarita is a founding Member of Cambugán Foundation and has maintained an ongoing collaboration on all projects that the organization has developed.  She’s provided free support and has provided the physical facilities for the Foundation to do its work over the years. Her life has been characterized by seeking the welfare of the people.  She’s served as community leader of CARE International program; leader of Association of Parents of Christopher Columbus Elementary and British School; neighborhood leader of the Pro-Improvements Committee Barrio San Vicente de las Casas, director of the Board of Irrigation Water of Píntag, leader of Barrio San Isidro Píntag, Promoter Group Ladies Catholic Verbum Dei Missionary Community. She has worked as a sales assistant in The Little tree Automotive for the last  25 years.


Daniela Montalvo Vargas, Executive Director

In 2013, Daniela began working as Coordinator of the Píntag Management Program with Cambugán Foundation .  She studied agro-industrial engineering, and has worked in the area of industrial production and agricultural production.  In recent years she has done volunteer work in Permaculture, with special emphasis on working with youth to design ecological orchards in urban and rural communities.


Anna Huetter Connell, Vice-President

Anna has been actively involved with Cambugan Foundation since 2010.  She has mostly worked in a fundraising and marketing capacity for the organization.  She received her degree in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles.  Since the mid 1990’s Anna has been very interested in animal welfare and environmental conservation.  She’s worked with various animal agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area, has championed conservation efforts at Flexera Software, and is an active volunteer with Wildlife Conservation Network.  She’s currently employed in the software industry in Silicon Valley as Vice President of Account Management.


Ana Mariscal, Secretary

Ana Mariscal was a founding member of Cambugán Foundation in 2000 and has been an active member since.  She got a degree in Biology from the Central University of Ecuador. Later she completed a Master program focusing on tropical forest conservation in Costa Rica. After completing her studies, Ana worked as a technical assistant in different projects at the National Herbarium of Ecuador. Since 2005, Ana has been working with a research group led by Sussex University to preserve the critically endangered spider monkey in the Choco Region of Ecuador. Her social voluntary work includes: Catechist in the Lauritas Sisters and at Verbum Dei Catholics congregations; board member at San Vicente de Las Casas Neighborhood and in the Quito Popular Northwest Neighborhood Federation; member of the coordination board at the Adult Literacy Campaign; board leader in the School of Biology Environmental group at the Central University of Ecuador; naturalist guide in the Pasochoa protected forest. Currently Ana is completing a doctoral program at SLU in Sweden in the Forest Department.  Her focus includes forest health, dynamic, recovery and restoration.

Ana Mariscal-secretary

Elisabeth Dietze, Treasurer

Dr. Elisabeth Dietze, Treasurer “Elisabeth started her volunteer work in 2009. She holds a doctorate degree in Physical Geography from the Free University of Berlin (since 2012) and is a scientist in the fields of paleoclimatology, geomorphology, paleolimnology, and geo-statistics currently working at the German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ in Potsdam, Germany. She did several internships in Latin America and Spain on non-governmental work in rainforest protection and on scientific questions and has experience in (scientific) project organisation and communication.”


Active members Margareta Nilsson, Carmen Mariscal, Myriam Cadena, Michael Dietze, Benedikt Wimbauer, Patrice Savadogo Applicant Member Anthony Flint

Annual Term Volunteers
Paul Feltes 2009-2010
Benedikt Wimbauer 2010-2011
Stephen Huysman 2012
Isabel Chender 2012
Jazmin Pusda 2012
Miryan Imbaquingo 2012
Alistair Dinwiddie 2013
Julian Trappe 2013
Jeannoel Doussinaud 2013
Keerthi Vedantam 2013
Alexander Ross 2013
Regional Representatives
German Representatives: Elisabeth and Michael Dietze
Swedish Representative: Margarita Nilsson
US Representative: Anna Connell
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