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Updates from the Rainforest

Cambugán Foundation wins Environmental Distinction in the 2016 “Sustainable Quito” contest.

The Municipality of Quito organized the “Sustainable Quito” contest to publicly distinguish organizations showcasing the best environmental practices in a city seeking to reduce its environmental footprint. Cambugán Foundation participated in this contest with our Píntag Project called “Farm Agroecológica […]


New Tesoro Escondido Partnership

Cambugan Foundation has been working with Mika Peck from Sussex University to protect a critical habitat for the brown-headed spider monkey in the Tesoro Escondido area in Ecuador.  We are pleased to announce a partnership with Rainforest Trust and the […]


Spectacled Bear juveniles caught on camera in Cambugán

The sight of these bears gives hope to the recovery of the Cambugán Forest.  This photos was taken in early April with a camera trap installed in the forest.    


Environmental Education in local schools

We have started an education program with the children of 3 schools in San Jose de Minas parish in early March.  They come from the schools of Minas Chupa, San Francisco and Jatunpamba. This first workshop was about the importance […]


Why Strawberry is in Trouble

Strawberry is in trouble because she lost her home. She lives in Indonesia, where approximately 55% of palm oil plantations in the world are established. Orangutans like Strawberry thrive in lowland soils that are fertile and close to bodies of […]


The Problems with Palm Oil

You probably like palm oil. You wash your hair with it, you apply it to your lips, you lick it off a melting ice cream cone, you use it to wash said ice cream off your shirt, and you just […]


Endangered bear spotted in Cambugán watershed

A Spectacled bear has recently been spotted in the Cambugán protected area with our camera traps.  This is the first time we’ve had visual proof of this bear in our watershed area. The Spectacled Bear The Spectacled bear is a short, […]


View our videos!

In the last couple of months we have put together a couple of  videos to highlight our work.  The first video is an overview of our organization and is narrated by Anna Connell.  It features the amazing forests and animals […]


Updates from around the world

Reforestation In October we reforested 1200 cedars in an area of grassland inside of the Protection Forest Cambugán. We had the help of several volunteers, who with much joy and encouragement planted the trees. Research In the paramo of San […]


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