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Cambugán Foundation Volunteer Program

Available Programs:

  • Conservation of natural ecosystems and remnant forests
    • Contribute to the design and maintenance of the lodging located inside of the Cambugán Forest
    • Help create signposts and map trails and important locations inside the Cambugán Protected Forest
  • Support conservation initiatives that promote the restoration and preservation of native flora and fauna
    • Work in a nursery specialized in the propagation of native plant species, located in the Parish of Píntag
    • Assist with the design, establishment, and management of organic gardens
    • Garden design and sustainable architecture
      • Planning, establishment, and management of gardens with native species inside and outside of the nursery.
      • Development of initiatives supporting alternative energy sources that are friendly to the environment.
    • Participate in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of reforestation activities in the Parishes of Píntag and San José de Minas and in the surroundings of the Cambugán Protected Forest
  • Local environmental management and education for conservation
    • Support environmental education and composting in schools in the Parish of San José de Minas.
    • Assist with the establishment of an environmental education program in the Parish of Píntag.
  • Administration
    • Assist with office activities
    • Support the dissemination of the Foundation´s work
    • Help design fundraising programs for conservation
  • Educational opportunities for Volunteers
    • Visit attractions inside the Parishes where the organization works
    • Visit communities and organizations that work in conservation with Cambugán Foundation in and outside of the province of Pichincha
    • Collect seeds of native plants for the nursery in Píntag
    • Opportunities to visit the primary forest reserve in the Cambugán Watershed
    • Participate in social and cultural activities with Cambugán Foundation and with the communities where the Foundation works
    • Support biological conservation in a region with high biodiversity and rates of deforestation among the highest in the world
    • Learn about the realities, risks, and practices of conservation in South America
    • Learn Spanish with personalized instruction from teachers specialized in teaching the language
    • Practice Spanish with families in the communities where the organization works
    • Possibilities to develop a thesis for university or graduate level work with the assistance of local researchers
    • Conduct research in the Cambugán primary forest for thesis projects or advanced degrees
  • You will receive room and board for $20.00 daily.  The cost can vary depending on factors such as: time stayed and activities done.

Volunteer Agreement

  • It is important that volunteers agree with the principles Cambugán Foundation upholds, which can be summarized as:
    • To achieve the conservation and restoration of forest ecosystems through scientific investigation and community work.
    • To contribute to the development of models for sustainable development that combine the conservation of the natural environment with a dignified life for the communities that rely on it.
    • Plan and coordinate the length of the volunteer work with the Cambugán Foundation.
    • The activities in which the volunteer will assist will depend on the time stayed and personal preferences.

Application Process

  • International volunteers– contact Anna Connell (
  • Ecuadorians and South American volunteers – contact Carmen, Laura, or Ana Mariscal (
    • Send via email a resume and letter of interest about your desire to participate in the volunteer program for Cambugán Foundation
    • Preliminary planning for your volunteer program can be done through Skype communication
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