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To achieve our mission of rainforest conservation, the Cambugán Foundation is pursuing several projects:

Adopt a Tree

Deforested land

Deforested land

Planting a tree in a town, city, or province is one approach to bettering communities and their environment. However, the planting of a single tree needs to be considered within a wider scope of what this will mean for the land, forest, and future generations of flora and fauna. The Cambugan Foundation is launching a new program called “Adopt a Tree” that will help to restore and conserve the forest in Pintag, Ecudaor. The three pronged approach seeks to: support scientific research of the land and species; allow for the production, restoration, and sowing of native trees; and empower the community to educate themselves about their forest and preserve it for future generations. By donating, you are aiding local inhabitants in forming a relationship with the land to restore a native forest to its former diversity and prosperity.

volunteer planting a tree

Why Pintag?

Due to environmental degradation coupled with socio economic poverty, two years ago the Cambugan foundation decided to target and create a program for the parish of Pintag, located one hour southwest of the capital of Quito. Since settlers arrived in 1500, the land has been developed in a fragmented and unsustainable way. The arrival of the Spanish prompted the extensive production of products by local inhabitants to pay taxes, large land plots called haciendas were create due to political, religious, and economic preferences, and as the population has increased, the native forest has progressively been depleted. The next decade saw the
harvesting of trees for timber, followed by mono-cropping. In order for the forest to be restored, a variety of trees need to be planted to create a thriving ecosystem.

What has been done so far

Initially, the project proposed by the foundation was applauded by municipal, provincial, and national government officers who agreed to open their doors to foster cooperative possibilities. However, after the establishment of the nursery and commencement of a native plant propagation research program, the foundation was met with refusal from public authorities due to other agendas and work priorities. In spite of this hurdle, local and international volunteers have continued to work in the greenhouse and on the land to achieve their initial goals. Presently there are more than 15000 native trees, shrubs, and seedlings ready to be planted.

newly planted tree

Newly Planted Tree

Why we need YOU

At this moment we need international donors to collaborate with local community members to save the native forests of Pintag. By adopting a tree, your donation will purchase the sapling, and provide resources to ensure its growth. However, by adopting an tree in Pintag, your support will reach far beyond the single tree. A donation to the Adopt a Tree program aids the entire forest by enabling research, allowing for reforestation, and making environmental education possible for the community.

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