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Local environmental management and conservation education

Ongoing Programs

To achieve our mission of rainforest conservation, the Cambugán Foundation is pursuing several projects:

Local environmental management and conservation education

Environmental education project in San José de Minas Schools

The Cambugán area belongs to San José de Minas Parish.  We created a project to teach forest and environmental conservation to schoolchildren. This project ran in three schools of San José de Minas from January to October 2008.  It involved 14 teachers and 582 students from 4th to 7th grades who worked on multiple environmental preservation programs.  The programs included: local reforestation (1,427 native plants were planted) and establishment of a compost program inside the schools.  We also made special visits to the National Herbarium, the Botanic Garden of Quito and to the Kari and Cambugán forests.

In 2010, an additional composting education program has been implemented and will run through 2011.  By the end of 2010 we had already delivered presentations to 600 students about the need for waste separation and compost management inside the school areas.  We are developing educational materials (short video films) to be made available to the remaining schools in the San José de Minas Parish area. If you are able to volunteer video production expertise or equipment, please contact the Foundation.

Environmental educations in Píntag Schools

The project is still in the development phase and will involve bringing local school children from the Píntag Parish on guided visits to a local nursery specializing in native species.  The aim is to improve the students’ knowledge about native vegetation in danger of extinction and to educate on actions that could improve the recovery of local flora and fauna.

Establishment of Environmental Committee in San José de Minas and Píntag Parishes

This project is also in the development phase. The main objective of this project is to strengthen the actions of the current local Parish Environmental Committee, to promote the formation of environmental committees in each local community and to provide education on various environmental topics.  It is our hope that each community’s environmental committee will use the experts’ knowledge we’ve provided them to identify and resolve local environmental concerns and to collaborate and share best practices with other committees throughout the Parish.

If you have access to computers and/or projectors that can be used to implement these community training activities, please contact the Foundation.

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